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About Us

Oldland Quails was created from my passion for rare breed quails which over time has turnt into a family run small holding.

10 years ago my collection of quails grew to over 16 different breeds and I decided I wanted to share my hobby with others by selling the eggs

Packaging the eggs to ensure their safety was difficult and to the buyers and my disappointment some would crack and break becoming unusable for incubation.

So with lots of thought I realised how I could safely send the rare and valuable eggs through the post. Using polystyrene blocks with egg holes centred within it, I could send the quail eggs without breaking them. The egg shapes are cut to fit the size of a regular quail egg which cushions it minimizing movement when travelling in a lightweight package driving down the costs of postage. This worked so well I realised not only transporting quail eggs was difficult but all eggs! So I set to work creating polystyrene egg boxes to transport all breeds of hatching eggs.

We now make and sell 10 different sizes of egg boxes and our continiuing to improve on this, we have also invested in the market selling many poultry products, such as feeders, drinkers incubators etc.

Now the business has grown and with it my enthusiasm to share my love for breeding and assist fellow breeders along their way.

We hope our products make your job easier and send your precious eggs safely.

Being a family ran business we are understanding to your needs and always open to suggestions if any of our products do not fit your needs. If you have any questions please contact us.

Martin Rodda