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5 Pekin Egg Boxes (12 Hole) 78 mm depth Free postage




We hand cut purpose made polystyrene egg boxes for sending your valuable and delicate hatching eggs through the post.

These poly egg boxes are cut with hot wire so you don’t end up with lots of mess from little balls of polystyrene when un-packaging like many other polystyrene egg boxes on sale.
The boxes are made from low density polystyrene and cut with a rounded base designed specially to fit your eggs perfectly.
Our lightweight packaging for eggs ticks all the right boxes when it comes to shipping your precious hatching eggs.
There’s no need to worry as our padded and shaped egg postal boxes not only stop your eggs from shifting, but also to safeguard them from bangs and knocks, also provides the ideal insulated environment for eggs in transit.
The polystyrene in our hatching boxes is a superb insulating material which maintains the eggs’ temperature and shields them from extreme hot or cold as well as moisture. Being made of low-density polystyrene, our egg packaging has a superior resistance to impact than higher density polystyrene packing or foam and keeps its shape and strength for longer.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 02 July, 2012.